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【Office Lover 2】dating games

Developer: OKKO

In our "Office Love" series, played and loved by more than 2 millions users all over the world...Our long-awaited new title !While customizing your own avatarenjoy a dangerous love story at the office !!
It's your 2nd year working as a CM Planner in an Advertising Agency.Because of one word from the new Presidentyou're forced to drop out of the project you wanted !
--Because I'm too plainIs it really his reason ?! --
You haven't met him yet, but you decide to show him who you are !With the help of your friend, you get a complete makeoverand go to his welcome party.
There, you met a breathtaking charming man.
"What kind of person are you really ?""...You caught my interest."
You're attracted to each other, regardless of titles, as a man and a woman.With a serious gaze, his face gets closer to yours...The perfect distance for a kiss ?!
……But even in your craziest dreams, you would have neverimagined this man was the new President……!
◆New President Arrogant x BusybodyKakeru YAMAGATA
"You, really... It's such a waste."
You fell in love with the man you were supposed to hate...But you can't stop the attraction you feel for each otger ?!
◆Older Colleague Prince x MeanKei SHINOMIYA
"You really dislike it ? That's not what your body's saying..."
For you, he was like a prince. But one day, you saw his weakness,and ended up playing the role of his fiancee ?!
◆A boss you admire Reliable x PureKenichiro KAMIJO
"Beyond that point... I can't be your boss anymore."
You want him to see you as a good girl and do your best as an employee and as a woman.But he doesn't seem to notice all your efforts...?!
Other handsome characters will also appear in the story !
====================◆Many things to enjoy◆====================
■In Office Lover 2... !
×××What ?! Sometimes, you will meet Kitazawa and Shiraishiappearing as guests in the story ?!
■Customize your avatar !
Many cute and gorgeous looks for your avatar !Become the cutest one and seduce him...!
■Overcome challenges of love !
Clear missions for the sake of your love with himand unlock sweet scenarios with wonderful CGs ?!
■In Office Lover 2, only Happy Endings !!!
"We don't want to read sad end !"We heared your voice, and adapted our endings !Now, whatever end you unlock, it will be a happy ending !
【WARNINGS】※To play this game, you don't need to register any email address.※You can read 5 episodes for free every day.